Software development

Our main focus is shrink-wrapped products with some bespoke software development. We believe technology should make lives easier and allow people to do more, faster. We create software products that will revolutionise the way you work and play, adding tangible benefits to your daily life without unnecessary complexity.


  • Industry standard best practice implementations of network management to assist IT staff with their running of day-to-day operations
  • Fully supported ticketing infrastructure
  • Web-based for instant deployment to end-users
  • Multiple endpoint installations for a single database
  • Supports intranet and extranet implementations
  • Tight integration with Active Directory for authentication, email integration and role-based management of user accounts
  • User administration forms to assist with the management of staff rotation across the organisation
  • XML-based integration API available through the SOAP data exchange infrastructure for easy integration with a wide variety of systems
  • Complete service-based reporting solution built on the Microsoft SQL Reporting Services platform
  • Daily check-listed workflow for proactive maintenance of systems

Proof of delivery

In medium to large-scale organisations, Proof of Delivery documents can often take days or even weeks to reach the relevant department, before the invoicing process can begin. Document Digitiser sends an electronic copy of a Proof of Delivery document – including any signatures, handwritten changes or notes – to a specified list of email addresses or electronic business system within seconds of being signed, anywhere in the world. With minimal training or process change needed, this app dramatically decreases the delay in invoicing process.


Printed electronic documents can now have handwritten notes or drawings added (using a Digital Pen); be instantly converted into an exact digital copy of the original document including the handwritten changes; and get delivered into a mailbox within seconds. A copy of the document is stored online and is available for download at any time, so notes will never be lost again.

Bulk fuel management 

BFSC provides real-time information and reports on bulk fuel operations. Fuel received or dispensed from Bulk Tanks gets recorded by operators on paper-based forms using Digital Pen and Paper technology. The Digital Pen is able to transmit the handwritten transaction data to the server instantly where it is converted into digital transactions and validated against a customisable set of Business Rules. Any transaction that falls outside of acceptable operational tolerances will alert management. Daily and monthly reports are available to track stock levels and consumption across your operation, giving you the information you need to run your bulk fuel operation efficiently and minimise losses.

Log time

A simple online time manager that assists in managing time from any browser on any device, from anywhere. Log Time is designed to streamline processes from project management to resource allocation and timesheets.