Our business

We offer the full mix of services required to grow your business. Through analysis and understanding, we precisely match solutions to requirements and identify the immediate steps that will get visible results fast. When necessary we pull in select partner companies with specialist skills, managing all the various inputs to ensure that the ultimate business goals are achieved.

Developing strategies

Working closely with our clients, we develop the right strategy for their business. Our approach generally follows six steps:

  1. Business plan and evolutionary review
  2. Product/service definition
  3. Financial health validation
  4. Product/service delivery management
  5. Key roles and responsibilities management
  6. Financial management

Once the strategy has been developed, we work alongside our clients to implement the solution, drawing from our pool of resources.

Implementing solutions

Grinsens has established relationships with like-minded companies, each offering a specific skill and working seamlessly together to offer a holistic service that includes: